Drink to warm up during the winter

During the summer all that we want when going for a night out is a refreshing drink to cool down while enjoying the nice and warm weather. The mokctails, cocktails, beer and any possible cold drink become our best friends. However, as the summer is gone and the hot drinks turn into the stars of the season, we thought that you might want to be ready to host your family and friends on the following winter parties with nice hot mocktails in hand. So, Muchachos decided to share with you a recipeĀ of a fruity mulled wine:










1 litre of grape juice

500g of sugar

1 green apples cut in cubes

1 can of peach in syrup cut into cubes

Ginger to taste

Clove and Cinnamon


In a pan put the sugar, grape juice, apple, cinnamon, ginger and clove of India and heat it for five minutes, stirring constantly. Then add the peach in syrup. Enjoy it!