Mochachos opened its first store in 1992 in New Mexico. At the time it was known as Mochachos Chicken Villages. This store was one of the first outlets in North America map to offer Mexican Dishes. The Mochachos Chicken Villages concept is based on “Mexican Flavoured Flame Grilled Chicken and Steak” combined with a specialised Mexican Foods menu. The motivating factor for this choice was the demand for consumers for “exotic” and healthy dining. The design and decor of the restaurants take advantage of the rich colours of Mexico which are blended into a warm and inviting ambience and provide customers with a “real” food experience.

Store designs are funky and modern and create the perfect ambiance for fun and comfortable dining. Care has been taken to ensure that the cooking process is as healthy as possible by using dry herbs and spices. Mochachos is not just about chicken. It’s never been just about chicken. It’s about pride, passion, courage, integrity and most of all, family.Mochachos Franchises can now be found in England. The Mochachos fast-casual dining concept is unique and creates an equally distinctive customer experience.The brand’s core product is Flame-grilled Mexican Spiced Chicken and are famous for their flavoursome Chicken and beef Burgers .

However, the menu also involves a range of delicious and nutritious Burgers, espetada and various Mexican meals Mochachos Chicken Fiesta is part of the Mochachos Franchise.