Traditional Mexican Taste

Mexican cuisine has thousands of years of tradition, with the influences of the Maya communities and multiples Mesoamerican communities. In the rural areas of Mexico, the traditional Mexican food is prepared with local ingredients and some of the dishes still being prepared with similar methods as it was a thousand years ago.  The vegetables such as corn, potatoes and mushrooms have a big importance in the Mexican cuisine. The Mexican meals can be very complex with the use of exotics and uncommon ingredients as flowers, paploquelite and small criollo avocados (that has edible skin).


Edible flours                                Criollo avocado                                           Paploquelite

As very complex the Mexican cuisine is made of multiples unique and strong dishes, that now have been made and sold in different countries. The most popular Mexican dishes outside Mexico are the Tortillas, Tacos and Burritos. The Tortillas are flatbreads made of corn four, that usually is eaten with sauces and fillings.


The tacos are wheat tortillas filled with different ingredients such as chicken, cheese, vegetables, beef and so on, and folded in half, it is usually eaten with the hands. The burritos are similar to the Tacos; however, the filling is wrapped up by the tortillas.


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